Development Platform

ZBD Pharma established a comprehensive platform with independent capabilities, covering the full industrial chain of innovative anticancer drugs, including R&D, clinical trials, production and commercialization, accelerating the company's capability in gaining access to the rapidly growing anticancer drug market in China.

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    Clinical Department

    Clinical research departments are responsible for setting up the quality management system in line with GCP, guiding the strategy, formulating the development project for products, designing and implementing the clinical trials or BE studies for branded drugs or generic drugs and assessing the post-marketing traditional Chinese medicine。

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    Research and Development

    The company around the biological medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine a number of disease field research and development projects. At present, there are 68 generic drug projects in total, including 14 chemical drug API research and development projects and 54 chemical drug preparation products research and development projects.

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    Creatively in the process of production company has taken more than 10 domestic and international advanced technology, in all the mass production base layout implementation of "pharmaceutical equipment intelligent" and "intelligent" drug production process。

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    Marketing center

    Company to build a mature and complete marketing management service system, providing customers with professional pharmaceutical logistics distribution, marketing and other innovative value-added services.