Social Welfare

  • The trade union of Jixi Branch of Heilongjiang ZBD Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd visited the poor workers and warmed their hearts.

    On the occasion of the upcoming Spring Festival, the union committee of Jixi company cared for the workers, and paid a visit to the families of 8 difficult workers on February 2nd, and sent care and warmth to them on behalf of the company.
  • ZBD Pharmaceutical (Hulin) on the eve of the Spring Festival condolences to Hulin City Nursing Home, the New Year is approaching, the more thick.

    In the Chinese traditional festival - the Spring Festival is coming, ZBD pharmaceutical (Hulin) labor union personnel came to the Hulin City Nursing Home, visit the old people here, and sent fruit, fresh milk and other gifts and festival blessings.
  • ZBD pharmaceutical Mid-Autumn Festival National Day double festival to the difficulties of the enterprise staff in order to fully reflect the enterprise's humanistic care, let all staff deeply feel the enterprise's great love culture.

    On the occasion of the "National Day" and "Mid-Autumn Festival", according to the unified requirements of the trade union of the joint stock company, the trade union of ZBD Pharmaceutical (Hulin) has visited and expressed condolences to the employees in need of the company, so that everyone can feel the care and warmth of the company and have a happy and warm holiday.