R&D Base

Beijing Research Centerl

Located in the Zhongguancun Group headquarters in Beijing Haidian , Responsible for group R&D strategic decision-making, global BD affairs, clinical medicine, mainly copying and formulating R&D strategic plans, annual business plans, government affairs relationship establishment, products license-in and M&A, medical affairs, and clinical affairs. "

Beijing Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Mainly engaged in the development of innovative chemical drugs, high-end preparation platform construction and generic drug R&D. It is located in the Yizhuang Jinghai Industrial Park, Daxing District, Beijing. It has a R&D team that accounts for more than 60% above master degree. The research institute focuses on the R&D of innovative chemical drugs and strengthens the construction of high-end formulation platform, completed the existing R&D pipeline of generic drugs.

Harbin Institute of Chemical Medicine

Mainly engaged in R&D of new TCM, hospital drugs and formulation technology development, with the title of "Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine Preparation Technology" etc., with more than 100 domestic invention patents for TCM, more than 500 TCM formula particles filled in province, and more than 50 hospital TCM completed registration, developed a number of TCM prescriptions and innovative TCM, the secondary development of existing Chinese medicine varieties, building a solid R&D capability in the field of TCM R&D.

Harbin Institute of Chinese Medicine

Mainly engaged in chemical drug innovation, high-end preparation platform construction and generic R&D, the institute has many titles such as national "postdoctoral research workstation", has a R&D team of nearly 100 stuffs while more than 60% above master's degree, collaborated with domestic first-class Universities , science research institutes, forming a solid capability in chemical drug R&D.

Bozhou Institute of Medicine

Mainly engaged in the R&D of new drugs. Having an experienced R&D team dedicate to the study of generic drugs and industrial application, especially focus in the R&D of high-end preparations such as controlled release and sustained/ extended release form.

Hangzhou Institute of Biological Medicine

Located in Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Port Town. Mainly engaged in the R&D of monoclonal antibody drugs, antibody conjugated drug (ADC) and bispecified antibody drugs. The construction will be started in March 2021 and plans to recruit a research team of 500 members. A 12000 square meters R&D building planned to build as a full-function platform for the R&D of monoclonal antibodies, ADC drugs and the pilot test in early stage. More than 13 Square kilometers of industrial land planned to build a completly production line for ADC drugs finally.