ZBD: to achieve a net profit of 436 million yuan in 2020 to rapidly expand the field of chemical drugs and biological drugs

2021-04-30 11:06:00
  ZBD (603567) released its 2020 annual report on the evening of April 29. During the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 3.404 billion yuan and net profit of 436 million yuan attributable to shareholders of the listed company.The company's revenue and net profit indicators have achieved steady growth over the previous year.

   During the reporting period, ZBD rapidly expanded to the field of chemical drugs and biological drugs in accordance with the research and development concept of "three-pronged and comprehensive innovation" of Chinese medicine, chemical drugs and biological drugs, based on the company's advantageous Chinese medicine foundation, to drive innovative research and development. The company rapidly expands its research and development team, introduces high-level talents in the field of research and development, cultivates professional self-research team, starts self-research of generic drugs, carries out the introduction and research of innovative drug projects, strengthens international project cooperation, promotes the introduction of new drug projects, strengthens and improves the research and development system from various aspects, and lays a solid foundation for research and development.
   In terms of traditional Chinese medicine research and development, the company attaches equal importance to inheritance and innovation, and focuses on the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine innovative drugs, in-hospital preparations, formula granules and the development of classic famous prescriptions in the treatment field of traditional Chinese medicine. 
   In terms of chemical drug research and development, the company focuses on the field of antiviral and anti-tumor, and introduces the ZBD1042(HNC042), an anti-influenza innovative drug. By the end of December 2020, the Phase I clinical bridging trial has been completed. Completed the preparation of phase I clinical samples of HZB1006 project, and prepared to carry out phase I clinical trial. Currently, there are 4 research and chemical drug innovative drug projects;At the same time, the company actively lays out research and development of high-end preparations and generic chemical drugs. Relyon the advantages of the API production platform, the company actively sets up research and development projects of chemical drug active substances, gives full play to the advantages of the company's whole industrial chain, carries out research and development of generic drugs around the larger market areas, and strives to continuously supplement new products for the market. At present, the company has 42 projects in research and development of drug raw materials and generic drug preparations.
   In terms of biological drug research and development, the company actively investigates domestic first-class research and development institutions, and has in-depth communication with domestic top biological drug research and development teams to explore a variety of cooperation modes in biological drug research and development. 
   In general, ZBD improves its competitiveness by improving its product capabilities, and focuses on the re-evaluation and secondary development of core products, focusing on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory systems, tumors and other advantageous diseases to continuously enrich its products and drive its professional layout. Adhere to the dual-line development strategy of injection and oral preparations, improve the clinical value of products, maintain price stability and increase sales volume by means of improvement of preparation technology and improvement of evidence-based evidence.Combined with the existing product structure and category, marketing team planning, selection factors based on market competition, dominant disease field, dominant disease and other factors, further improve the academic connotation and market reputation of the company's products, transform the academic advantages of the products into market advantages, and promote sales growth.
   ZBD said that in 2021, the company will further improve the supporting capacity of scientific and technological innovation, focus on open cooperation, promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and boost the rapid development of new business of formula particles and decoction pieces; In the medium and long term, focus on the construction of R&D product line, to achieve a breakthrough in the capital market;In the short and medium term, we should pay attention to the support of research and development for recent enterprises, accelerate the secondary development of old varieties, the introduction and acquisition of mature varieties, and pay attention to the performance transformation of research and development achievements.
   The company will unswervingly promote the sales mode of controlling the terminal, expand the recruitment of front-line sales representatives, pay attention to streamline administration and delegate power, unlock the marketing momentum, tilt sales support to front-line personnel, optimize the index assessment system, and enhance the marketing team's sense of responsibility; Deepen the use of information technology in marketing work, improve efficiency and simplify the process.
   The company will further promote the application of intelligent manufacturing and various awards; The production capacity layout should match the development of enterprises and the variety layout should adapt to the regional advantages of different regions.On the basis of exerting the original manufacturing experience, we should change our working ideas, establish independent management consciousness, and seek new growth points.
   The Chinese herbal medicine industry closely focuses on the business indicators, and prospers the market by building the health care cultural tourism brand, e-commerce incubation base and a variety of introduction buyers. Relying on the national "N+50" strategic layout, the trade business of Chinese medicinal materials grasps the market, trend and supply of varieties in the producing area, and drives Shennong Warehouse, the conventional operation of Chinese medicinal materials and the business of decoction pieces;Start to build a third-party trading platform for Chinese medicinal materials, carry out third-party matchmaking business, and increase the volume of trading;Relying on brand publicity, team building, information construction and quality storage supporting various business development.
   That evening, ZBD also released the first quarter of 2021. During the reporting period, the company achieved revenue of 727 million yuan, up 16.89% year on year;The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company reached 155 million yuan, up 22.68% over the same period last year.